Sunday, April 20, 2014

The greatest waste in the world-batteries!

Odds are, if you have two children and one spouse, you have four digital cameras in your house. And, if you have four digital cameras, you take care of their voracious appetite for batteries. As the cameras eat the batteries, the trash can offers the old batteries a new home with extreme regularity. This, my living daily on less friend, is one of the greatest wastes in the world.

Try this-next time you have to change the batteries, save the old ones and put them in another device that uses batteries. Radios. flashlights, and other small devices can run on less smaller amps than the power hungry cameras. Since batteries are not the cheapest thing on the planet, every battery you re-use will save you a bit of money. Remember, small coins add up to big dollars.

Movies on the Cheap

I will tell you that I think Netflix is a great deal-but I don't watch enough movies to make it pay! I do use my Internet a lot, so, the question of how to watch movies for the least possible cost, was shared with me by the most important man in my life-my husband.  You see, we have the Internet through our cell phone service and so, we have a certain amount of usage each month. Downloading movies takes a lot of usage so...

Grab your popcorn and...

Step one: go to the site and download it. A green arrow will show up on your page.

Step two: Go to a movie site that has downloadable movie. Then, you find a movie you want on a site where movies can be downloaded. For example, go to the full movie site on YouTube and find a movie you want to see. Try this one:  YouTube.

Step three:  Once you find the movie, click on the green arrow and follow the prompts. The movies are great and, best of all, free.

That is all there is to it and you have a great evening's entertainment. Why do I download the movies? If I download them somewhere besides home, I do not use the same usage on my home Internet, saving more gigabytes to do other things, like writing on a blog about saving money and living daily on less!

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Wisdom from My House to Yours

Wisdom comes from experience. I have experience, so I must have wisdom!  Over the years, I raised five daughters on less than seemed possible and today, I find that simple things, things that seem to be nickels and dimes ideas, still add up to dollars. I decided that it would be fun to share my experience, my wisdom, in the hopes that you can make those dollars add up too!

Over the years, I have read lists of ways to cut back, only to find that the ideas didn't apply to me. I have never had more than one Starbucks in a month or two, don't subscribe to cable, don't smoke or drink and seldom pay to rent movies. All in all-I may even be cheaper than the cheapskate family (at least in some ways.) If you are like me, and you don't have the same habits of others, maybe this will be a great site for you to find ways to save money and live, daily, on less!