Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Need a winter hat without spending anything?

Most of us have sweaters that no longer fit or they have lost their appeal. If you have a sweater with band around the bottom, you can make a free beanie-type hat with ease. Because I never seldom sweaters, I went to the local second-hand store on dollar day and bought a small gray sweater with the band.

First, I cut the sweater about eight inches from the bottom-staight across. After that, I cut up the seam on one side, from bottom to top.

Then I measured the size of my hat by wrapping the band around my head. I overlapped the two ends a bit, marked it, and then cut from the bottom straight up.

I pinned the two sides together, wrong sides showing and sewed it from the top to the bottom with a blanket stitch. The blanket stitch is so simple. If you do not know how, here is a simple video to show you what to do. Click here. Stitching the side of the hat took about 10 minutes!

Then, I put two edges together and blanket stitched them together. I repeated this two more times. To see how it is done with glue, check out this video. She uses glue. I prefer stitching mine. When it was finished, it had three points. I joked about adding tassles to create a jester's hat. I really like it.

The finished project is simple and looks like this!

I decided to be very frugal in keeping my budget low. I made this hat and then I made some 18-inch doll clothes. Once they are finished, I will feature them on The 18-inch World blog.