Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Saving Money on Flights

When I drive to work, I like to listen to the radio. One program I like is Kim Kamando because she offers a lot of great advice that I use to save money. As I was planning a trip to celebrate my birthday, my ears perked up when I heard her talking about saving money on flights. I memorized what she said, and now I am writing it down so you can know it, too!

First, she shared her favorite website for saving money on flights:

Then, she made these suggestions:

A) Take a mid-week flight. Wednesday is a low-fly day so tickets are cheaper.

B)  Be willing to fly early in the morning, before the night owls get ready to go. The red-eye flight will save you money.

C)  Book your flights 53-54 days in advance. That takes some long-range planning, but it can be done.

Some advice she did not give, but that I used on my flight:

1)  Pack everything into your carry-on and avoid having to pay for baggage if your airline charges for checked luggage. The great perk about this is, if the flight is very full, they will offer to check your bag for free and you don't have to worry about it.

2)  Take a smaller purse. Put the purse inside of a larger bag for your personal item.

3)  Bring your own food and drink the free drinks they offer.