Friday, June 12, 2015

5 Ways to Celebrate Father's Day for Less

I really miss my daddy. He has been gone for years and years now but I still think about him alot, but especially every Father's Day. It just isn't the same! He always appreciated whatever card I gave him or whatever gift he received,  but  but there were some things that would have really meant the world to him- things that would not have cost me much at all in terms of money. There was something special about my dad. He knew how to live life enjoying the simple things.

Sure, you can take your father out to a fancy restaurant and a movie and he will smile and go along, but try these ideas on for size:

1)  Pack a picnic lunch with some of his favorite foods and pack the family up for a trip to the river or lake. Spend the day in nature, fishing with your dad. Leave the cell phones and other electronic devices in the car (or at home) and just spend the day fishing. If you don't fish, take a book along to read as you sit beside your fishing father. A better idea, however, would be to ask your dad to teach you how to fish. You might begin to understand just why he enjoys it so much!

2) Throw a sport's party. I know that the Super Bowl is in February, but, if your dad is a sport's nut, don't forget about all the other sports that are available. Find out what he wants to watch and have a theme party complete with snacks and drinks. Then, sit down and watch the game with him.

3) Give him the week off from his "honey-do list" your mom has for him. Take over all of his chores, doing them with the same finese he would have used. Take out the trash, mow the lawn, sweep the sidewalk-let him make up a list of things for you to do. Then, bring him a great iced drink and let him relax while you take care of everything.

4) Make him a stay-at-home meal with all of his favorite foods. Talk to your mom and surprise him or ask him and let your father direct the menu. Make all of it that you can and buy the rest. Seriously, if he loves cherry pie and you can't roll out pie dough to save your life, let Mrs. Smith make the pie and you can just bake it.

5) Spend the day with him. This is an especially good one if you are too busy to spend much time with him throughout the year. Just take the day out of your busy schedule and talk to him. Ask him about his life before you existed. Get to know your dad better.

If your dad doesn't like fishing or sports, find out what he does like and arrange to do that with him. Take the time to let him know that he is more to you than a hastily purchased card or gift. This is more about letting your dad know he is loved than it is about living daily on less-it's just that, sometimes, the best things in life are free!

If you have an inexpensive day planned with your dad, share it here so others can benefit from your ideas.

Photograph credits:  Fishing by  Steve Hillebrand 
                              Baseball by daytraitors  
                              Yard work by Elizabeth                                                                                                                                     Chinese Food by Kunal Palkar                                                                                                                             Daughter talking to dad by Rhoda Baer


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